Anxiety, Worry And Lack Of Trust Bring Disappointment To God

Tuesday of Week 13 in Ordinary Time - Cycle II

Amos 3:1-8, 4:11-12 & Mt. 8:23-27

Having entered into a covenant with His chosen people the response God expected was faith and love. Sadly, He did not get it. It was Amos' task to point out to the people that because no response was forthcoming from them, this relationship was doomed to failure.

Amos asks a series of rhetorical questions to show that things happen and don’t happen for a reason and with the words, “Israel, prepare to meet your God” he is telling them that judgement is about to come because of sin. God is going to correct them because He loves them too much to abandon them to sin.

In the Gospel passage we see Jesus being disappointed with His Apostles for their lack of faith and trust in Him after all the signs of love which He had manifested. We can perhaps sympathise with the Apostles’ behaviour during that freak storm. How often have we not trusted in God when there have been storms in our lives? Why did we not see Him in the storm, in the disaster, in the tragedy? Yet the Apostles had witnessed the marvellous signs that Jesus had manifested but, apparently, did not trust Him when He was still in their midst, sleeping below deck. Not surprisingly Jesus expected more of them than that. There is a ring of deep disappointment in the words, "You men of little faith!”

There is the world of a difference between complacency and lack of faith. The Israelites were complacent. They thought that because they were His chosen people, God would do anything for them, even despite their infidelities. They were wrong. The Apostles were not guilty of complacency, but lack of faith and trust. What Jesus wanted from the Apostles, and what He wants from us, is the conviction that God always takes care of His devoted people. He may appear to be asleep, but He is always in control.

Jesus brought peace to the storm on the lake, and He wants to bring peace to us in the storms of life. Anxiety, worry and lack of trust bring disappointment to God. In the prayer after the Our Father at Mass, we pray that God would keep us free from sin and from all anxiety.

Lord Jesus, as a people who strive to overcome sin and be faithful, we should feel no anxiety about life, because we can trust You. We should by now know You will look after us. Peace should be the fruit of our faith in a loving God.