Holy Communion Should Be A Foretaste Of Heaven

Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord - Ordinary Time

Corpus Christi

What does the feast of Corpus Christi mean to you? It tells me just one thing – how Jesus must love us. Who is Jesus? He is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity – God. He reigns supreme in Heaven with His Father and the Holy Spirit and yet at the same time it is His ardent wish to live with us and be the food of our souls in Holy Communion. Have we fully realised that truth? That God wants to live with sinful us.

At the Last Supper Jesus said to His Apostles, “I have longed to have this meal with you.” His attitude has not changed. Those words He says to each one of us every time we come to Mass. Our reception of Holy Communion should be the highlight of our week, unless we go to Mass daily when this should be the highlight of our day. Today we have to ask ourselves how ardently do we look forward to receiving Jesus in Holy Communion? How fervent are our thanksgivings after Holy Communion?

Another marvel of the Holy Eucharist is that Jesus makes Himself our prisoner day and night all the time. He waits there patiently for you and me to visit Him. Listen to a poem my father used to recite to me. How relevant it is for us today! It is called 'Where were you?' and captures how much Jesus, in the tabernacle, longs for us to visit Him.

I have not seen your face today. Where were you?
A hundred others came to pray. Where were you?
From out my prison I have gazed
At thousands who have kneeling prayed.
I wanted you.

I wanted you, you did not come. Where were you?
I waited there in silence dumb. Where were you?
Ah, could you not one moment spare.
Ah, surely you have a little care.
I wanted you.
You had no time, ah, so you said. Where were you?
Where my sad heart in silence bled. Where were you?
Among your friends long hours you spent
While I my loving heart was rent in solitude.

I do not want to be alone. I want you.
Much more than all the friends you own. I want you.
Tomorrow you will surely come.
Remember I am helpless, dumb, uncomforted.

Think of how excited we are when we plan to see someone we love. And how we treasure the moments we are with them. Is there anyone who is more desirable than Jesus? We will only be able to gauge our love for Jesus by the love we have for Him in the Holy Eucharist. If I hardly visit Him in Church, can I say I really love Him?

We all long to get to Heaven, and please God with His help we will. We shall see Jesus and realise just how lovely and wonderful He is. It is then I think that all of us will regret not having loved Him more on this Earth by spending time before Him in the tabernacle. Let us grow to enjoy Jesus’ presence in the Blessed Sacrament. It will make a tremendous difference in our lives and put the pursuit of material things and everything else in perspective.

Lord Jesus, may we make every Holy Communion a foretaste of Heaven and look upon each as if it were to be the last Communion we receive on this Earth. In this way we shall make it our best. You love to hear us say “love” and “thanks” when we have received You in Communion. So many people come and pour out all their troubles, problems and anxieties, but many forget to say to You, 'Jesus, I love you and thank you for all you have done for me.' May we never forget to say them.