It Was Essential For Us That Jesus Should Become Man

Wednesday of Week 1 in Ordinary Time - Cycle I

Heb. 2:14-18 & Mk. 1:29-39

One of the most beautiful truths of our faith is that the eternal divine Son of God became a human like us in all things but sin, because it was men and women and not angels that Jesus wanted to save. It was fitting, therefore, that He should become a man. This thought is beautifully expressed by the Second Vatican Council, “By His incarnation the Son of God has united Himself in some fashion with every man. He worked with human hands; He thought with a human mind, acted by a human choice, and loved with a human heart.” (Const. on the Church in the Modern World. 22)

When most of us are depressed or have a problem, we look for someone who will understand us, someone who can appreciate how we feel. Sharing a tragedy with someone who has gone through a similar ordeal is much more comforting than talking to some professional counsellor who may be without any experience like our own. Jesus, by becoming man, has not only shared our experiences, but also as God knows them thoroughly.

Throughout the pages of the Gospel we see Jesus reaching out to others with understanding and empathy. In today’s reading He cured the mother of Peter’s wife, because having a mother Himself, He knew the joy He could bring to Peter and his wife by curing her. And that same evening, He cured many others and cast out devils from some. In fact, throughout His life Jesus either experienced or shared in almost every possible human emotion, both joyful and painful. He knew the joy of a good meal with friends and He suffered the pain of watching some of His disciples turn away from Him.
Not only in living did Jesus share all things equally with us, but by His death He could take away all the power of the Devil, who had power over death. Jesus set free all of us who had been held in slavery by the fear of death.

In Jesus Christ, our God is not far removed from us and our human situation. He is close to us in every aspect of our lives, ready to hear our prayers with understanding and to direct them to God the Father with earnestness and concern. What happiness these thoughts should give us.

Jesus, we thank You for Your generosity and love for us. May we never fail to turn to You in all our needs and to share with You all our joys.