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Sunday of 
Week 27 in Ordinary Time
Mt. 21:33-43
An eviction notice to the nation of Israel is the subject of today's Gospel reading. Jesus was warning the Jews that they would either pay their rent or they would lose their place in His...
Sunday of 
Week 28 in Ordinary Time
Mt. 22:1-14
Another thought-provoking story features in today's Gospel reading. It was directed at the chief priests and elders and God’s chosen people. Jesus loved them. His words were meant to be a wake-up...
Sunday of 
Week 29 in Ordinary Time
Mt. 22:15-21
Jesus is placed by His enemies in what we would call a difficult situation in today's Gospel reading. He is approached by an alliance of two groups, the Herodians who supported the politics of Rome,...
Sunday of 
Week 30 in Ordinary Time
Mt. 22:34-40
The Pharisees I am sure could recite the Ten Commandments backwards. They were forever trying to break them down into sections and prioritise them. Today’s Gospel shows them trying to trap Jesus...
Be Humble
Year A
Sunday of 
Week 31 in Ordinary Time
Mt. 23:1-12
Humility is an indispensable quality of character in Jesus’ scale of values. He was convinced that if you want to be great you have to be truly humble. Those of us who follow Jesus should share...
Sunday of 
Week 32 in Ordinary Time
Mt. 25:1-13
Jesus wants everyone to get to Heaven. So He told a parable of what we must do if we want to be there ourselves. It was about ten bridesmaids who were invited to a wedding which was held at night. It...
Sunday of 
Week 33 in Ordinary Time
Mt. 25:14-30
Jesus gives us another of His famous parables in today's Gospel reading. A rich man called together his servants and divided his wealth among them. He gave one five talents, another two and there was...
Christ the King | 
Ordinary Time
Dan. 7:13-14; Rev. 1:5-8 & Jn. 18:33-37
A coronation ceremony is a great occasion for national pride. It is marked by a beautiful and elaborate ritual whereby sovereignty is conferred on the new monarch. The people acclaim their new king,...
Friday of 
Week 27 in Ordinary Time
Gal. 37-14 & Luke 11:15-26
Saint Paul tried to get the Galatians to see that if you have faith in Jesus, there is no need to undertake the observance of the Mosaic Law. To demonstrate this truth, he pointed to the great model...