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Sunday of 
Week 18 in Ordinary Time
Mt. 17:1-9
Sometimes we think of saints as super-human, near-perfect, people. But were they really like that? They were special people, certainly, but human nonetheless and heirs, therefore, to the same...
Sunday of 
Week 19 in Ordinary Time
1 Kings 19: 9. 11-13
Today's reading from the First Book of Kings presents us with the prophet Elijah who, like us, learnt from personal experience that life sometimes can be difficult and discouraging. Anyone who has...
Sunday of 
Week 20 in Ordinary Time
Mt. 15:21-28
Jesus had gone to the district of Trye and Sidon because He was tired and wanted, for a little while, to escape the pressing demands of His ministry. Saint Mark’s account of this event says, “He...