What Wonders Jesus Can Do With Us

Saturday of Week 1 in Ordinary Time - Cycle I

Heb. 4:12-16 & Mk.2:13-17

The Letter to the Hebrews has its own unique way in praising the word of God. It writes “the word of the God is something alive and active; it cuts like any double-edged sword but more finely.” There is much we can draw from its description. It is living and not a relic of the past. It invites us to strengthen our faith and persevere in our love. It challenges us to grow in holiness and avoid any attachment to sin.

Because of our inclination to sin and a life of ease the word of God is sure to make us feel uncomfortable and stir us out of complacency. We are not meant to listen to God’s word in a passive manner as we hear the interminable words of a radio. If we listen prayerful we will always find something new.

People forget that Jesus was tempted to sin. On three occasions in the wilderness after His baptism He was tempted by Satan to sin. Knowing this helps and encourages us to approach our high priest for help.

The high priest of the first reading who has gone to the highest heaven as we see in the Gospel is willing to associate with the despised of the world. He calls the hated tax collector Levi to change his style of life and follow Him and then dines with him and his friends. For this the so called righteous criticised Him. Levi had the wisdom to recognize the emptiness of greedy, sinful and unsatisfying way of life he was leading and saw the nobility of life that Jesus had to offer him. So he turned his back on it and became Matthew one of Jesus’ twelve apostles who was to write a life about Him.

Lord Jesus, help us to recognize that we are sinners constantly tempted to sin and very much in need of Your healing help. You did wonders for Levi the tax collector. What wonders You can do with us?