Will We Be Ready For Our Master's Return?

Tuesday of Week 29 in Ordinary Time - Cycle II

Eph. 2:12-22 & Lk. 12:35-38

Once again Saint Paul tells us what we mean to Christ and what He has done for us. He wants us to consider just who we are and how precious we are in God’s eyes. Through Jesus Christ, the Gentile Christians have become full heirs with the Jewish Christians to all the promises of God in the Old Testament. We ‘are no longer outsiders but “citizens like all the saints, and part of God’s household.”

He then uses the metaphor of a building. Each one of us is part of a holy temple, the foundation stones of which are the Apostles and prophets, and Jesus is the keystone - remove that and the whole edifice crumbles. What Paul wants us to take to heart is how important Christ is to each one of us and how grateful we should be to Jesus for the dignity He has bestowed on us.

Everyone on this Earth now is on trial. If we were to die at this moment would we be ready for Heaven? That is what Jesus is asking us to think about when we listen to Him in today’s Gospel.

In anticipation of their master's return from his wedding feast, the servants had dressed in proper attire, prepared food, cleaned the house, lit lamps so that whenever the bridegroom and his bride arrived they would be able to respond promptly to their needs. Imagine the surprise when the master went about the business of tending to their needs! How blessed those servants would feel!

Their master had treated them with love and compassion, enabling them to love him in return. What is this parable but an indication of our lives as servants of the great Master Who is Jesus? He has called each of us to serve Him in preparation for the day when He is united with His bride, the Church, and to share in His abundant joy that day.

As servants, will we indulge ourselves in our Master's absence, or will we stand alert, ready to do His bidding? Jesus is eager to reward those who have laboured in His absence, and are awake and ready when He returns. He is a loving redeemer and protector unlike any earthly master we will ever know. King though He was, Jesus performed the ultimate act of service for His followers: He laid down His life on the Cross so that we could be united with Him forever.

Our Master's return will be a glorious day for those who believe in Him and have sought to know Him through prayer and the Scriptures. On that day, He will acknowledge how hard we have worked for Him and shower us with love in return, as He embraces His faithful servants.

Lord Jesus, help us to serve You faithfully so that, on the last day, we may receive the greatest of rewards - the fullness of joy in Your presence.