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Fifth Week of Ordinary Time

Gen.1:20-24 & Mk 7:1-13

Modern scientific knowledge gives us some idea of the vastness of our Universe in which we can seem rather insignificant creatures. But the book of Genesis tells us a different story.

It says that God created our world and everything in it, and saw that it was very good. He created people in His own likeness, giving them a dignity above other creatures. His only Son became a man and lived on our Earth, which proves how much God thought of the Earth and the human race.

God could have sent His Son to any part of the Universe in any form. But He chose to make Him a man, to live among us, born of a woman and truly human in all things but sin. Our Earth was consecrated by the very presence of Jesus. For all this we owe Him our heartfelt thanks.

In the Gospel Jesus declared all things clean, for all things come from God and bear His creative presence. All things were intended to be sacred. Even simple bread and wine are not unworthy to be the signs of divinity, making present the great saving act of the death and resurrection of Jesus for us. God is present not only in the Eucharist and the scriptures, but also in nature, in His people and in all His creatures.

Even outside His churches we walk on sacred ground, breathe holy air, and touch and use hallowed things. We should not limit our vision of God to just spiritual things. Our faith tells us to open our eyes and see the goodness and love of God all around us. Isn't that a wonderful thought?

God the Father, all created things should raise our minds to You, our Creator, and make us want to praise and thank You unceaselessly.

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