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Sixth Week of Ordinary Time

Heb. 11:1-7 & Mk. 9:2-13

What is faith? It is defined and then illustrated by the lives of three illustrious Old Testament figures in the First Reading today. Abel offered a better sacrifice to God than his brother Cain; Noah feared God and built an ark to save his family; Enoch was taken up to Heaven and did not experience death.

These men were pleasing to God because by faith they obeyed God and accepted His lordship, even though they did not understand what God asked of them.

Faith for each of us is a gift from God and is the foundation of our relationship with Him. We should never fail to thank God for this gift. May we grow in faith through the grace of God and, through the same grace, succeed in bringing depth to the faith in the lives of others.

In the Gospel story of the Transfiguration the three Apostles witnessed Jesus talking to Moses and Elijah. Peter should have been silent and lost in wonder at the sight but instead he blurted out his amazement by suggesting three tents be built so that he could hold on to this happy occasion forever.

Then we hear the awesome words of God the Father, making Peter realize the uniqueness of the occasion and assuring him, and the other two Apostles, of the relation of Jesus to Him.

Lord Jesus, show us Your glory today. May we renew our faith in You as God’s only Son and, at Your Father’s bidding to the Apostles, listen to You.

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