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Second Week of Ordinary Time

Heb. 9:2-3, 11-14 & Mk. 3:20-21

When the priests of the Old Testament offered atonement to God it was an imperfect sacrifice. They could not offer themselves – that would have been suicide – so they sacrificed animals as victims to represent them.

But we participate in a perfect sacrifice following the life and death of Jesus. He is unique, the only divine Person who took on our human nature. As man, He was open to suffering and death, but being divine He has dominion over His own life. Jesus did not need a victim to represent Him in sacrifice, so that the sins of His people could be forgiven.

In the Mass, Jesus renews the offering of Himself. He does not die again, but makes His one perfect sacrifice a present reality. Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself for us was the greatest demonstration of love the world has ever seen. At Mass we can share directly in this sacrifice. It is the source of our forgiveness and the means of giving pleasing worship to God. Nothing in the world is more important than the Mass. We should love it and never miss an opportunity of attending and sharing in it.

During His public life Jesus acted out of compassion. He was ablaze with a desire to do His Father’s will by caring for every needy person who approached Him. The poor and the sick followed Him because they were attracted by the good news He proclaimed. Nothing would stop Jesus doing His Father’s will. Jesus is giving us an example of how enthusiastic we must be to spread His good news.

Lord Jesus, by attending Mass as often as we can may we all recognize how much You love us, and may we be as enthusiastic as You in doing Your Father's will and spreading Your good news.

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