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Third Week of Ordinary Time

Heb. 10:32-39 & Mk. 4:26-34

Looking back over our lives we can all remember difficult times when life was almost unbearable. Yet, years later it is hard to recall in detail how trying things were. If the results made it all worthwhile, then our memory draws a veil over the unpleasantness, the effort and the struggle. When times are easier, we forget what strength and determination we needed during those difficult days. Doing the will of God, according to the write of the first reading, requires endurance.

Jesus makes the comparison in the Gospel with a farmer whose most difficult time is when the ground must be prepared for the seed to be sown. When the harvest is gathered, the farmer forgets all the back-breaking work which went before.

We all have bad days. We look back and wonder how we got through them, but we know that God helped us. He gave us the strength to cope with trials in the past, and He continues to support us in present difficulties. Realizing this should give us hope and courage for the future. The harvest God will give us at life’s end will be worth any struggle now if we remain true to Him.

Lord Jesus, life will always bring its crosses, but none will be as heavy as Yours was. Let us remember how You carried Yours when we have to carry ours, knowing that we can rely on You to help us carry them.

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