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Seventh Week of Ordinary Time

Ecclus. 17:1-15 & Mk. 10:13-16

Praise of humanity and its unique place in God’s creation is the theme of the First Reading today. He made us in His own image and master of His Creation over every beast and bird. Only man and woman, of all God’s creatures, was given the freedom to choose good and reject evil. And they alone, of all God’s creatures, can voice praise to the Creator. With them He made an eternal covenant. All this tells us how much God loves us and how indebted we are to Him.

Embracing the little children Jesus declared, "It is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs." Therefore our aim in life must be us to develop the childlike dispositions which Jesus wants, of simplicity, humility and trust.

No matter how old we are, and irrespective of our responsibilities in life, in relation to God we are like little children. We should rejoice in that relationship. It will give us a great sense of security, serenity and peace as we go through life. When we have the disposition of a child we can be sure that Jesus Himself embraces us and blesses us by placing His hands upon us.

Lord Jesus, may we recognize our total dependence on You at all times, and may we strive to be childlike as You would wish us to be.

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