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Thirty-first Week in Ordinary Time

Rom. 15:14-21 & Lk. 16:1-8

Saint Paul experienced God's love in a personal and intimate way. He found such joy and hope through his relationship with the Lord that he could not help but tell everyone!

Paul shows us how the closer we are to Jesus, the more effective we will be in bearing witness to Him. There is nothing more compelling than people whose lives show the impact that God's love can make. These people don't just speak words; God's love simply shines through them. The way they perform even the most common daily tasks is striking. People can sense that there is something different about a person who is in love with God. They see stability, compassion and love, even when that person is going through difficult times.

Have you ever found yourself reading a book and being on the side of the criminal? He has plotted the crime so cleverly that you hope he will not be caught. That is somewhat the situation in today’s Gospel reading!

Jesus, of course, does not approve of the deviousness or dishonesty of the steward, nor does he recommend that we follow his example. He is concerned only with the initiative and enterprise manifested by the steward in his effort to save his own skin. He was willing to do almost anything to avoid ending up homeless or having to look for a job. All he wanted was an easy life for himself.

What we want is to get to Heaven but what price are we prepared to pay? Do we have as much initiative and enterprise about spiritual values as the steward did about temporal concerns?

Lord Jesus, may we love You above all things and share this love with others as did Your servant Paul, and may we have the astuteness and desire to value spiritual things more than temporal values.

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