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Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Numb. 11:1-15 & Mt.14:13-21

Did the Apostles believe Jesus had the power to feed this large crowd of people who followed Him and were hungry? He was testing them in today's Gospel reading and they had forgotten what He could do, telling Our Lord to send them home. Their faith in Him was too weak.

In the first reading we find Moses unhappy in the way he is being treated and objects that Got has burdened him with these people. They are crying out for meat which he cannot provide. He feels so alone. He cannot carry all these people by himself and complains that the weight of his problems is too much for him.

Both these readings make us realise that there are times when we feel so overwhelmed that we demand God intervenes, particularly if we feel we have committed ourselves to the Lord and been faithful, and are simply frustrated by trying to do God's will. We can easily feel alone and have pity for ourselves.

Both the Apostles and Moses failed because they thought they were utterly alone. If the Apostles through experience had realised what Jesus could do and trusted Him, they would have known that the crowd could be fed. If Moses had trusted in God that He keeps His promises and never deserts His people, he would never have complained and felt so alone. In working for God we may have our setbacks, but we must remind ourselves that we are never alone, especially if we think that the task is bigger than us.

Lord God, may we never forget that You are always with us and no task is too big for You. With You we can always achieve what at this moment we consider 'impossible.'

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