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Twenty-second Week in Ordinary Time

Col. 1:9-14 & Lk. 5:1-11

What a wonderful prayer Saint Paul offers to God for the Colossians. Every Catholic mother and father should make it a prayer for their children, asking that they have “perfect wisdom and spiritual understanding” and that they “should reach the fullest knowledge of His will?” Then they will lead the kind of life that is acceptable to God, their lives filled with “good actions” and an increase in their knowledge of God. They will have all the strength they need from God to persevere and bear “anything joyfully” and be grateful to join the saints. It is God who has taken us out of the clutches of Satan and given us a place in Heaven where we gain our freedom having been forgiven our sins.

We have all had the experience of working hard at something and getting nowhere, trying our best by ourselves but somehow not succeeding. Peter must have felt the same sort of frustration and disappointment having fished all night and caught nothing. When Jesus suggested that he pay out his nets again the experienced fisherman might have been sceptical - but because he trusted Jesus he was willing to give it a try. His confidence was rewarded with a huge catch. This made him realise that he was in the presence of Someone with special supernatural powers and he felt utterly unworthy to stand before Him: falling to his knees he said, "Leave me, Lord; I am a sinful man." Peter was acknowledging his inadequacy and facing up to the fact that he could achieve nothing on his own. This admission allowed Jesus to give him a special task, to be a fisher of men.

ls it not a fault with some of us that we think we can cope with life on our own? This can happen when we think we are materially self-sufficient and this attitude spills over into our spiritual life. We pride ourselves on being independent, well able to manage without anyone's help. Yet Jesus tells us, "Without Me you can do nothing."

Lord Jesus, let us admit that we need Your help and realise that there is no limit to what You can accomplish, through us.

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