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Week after Epiphany

Jn. 4:11-18 & Mk. 6:45-52

We can sympathize with the apostles for being afraid. It was dark and they were in a boat in the middle of a stormy lake, and then they saw what looked like a ghost walking over the water. But of what were they afraid? Was it the storm? I don’t think so. Being seasoned fishermen they must have learned to weather many a storm on the Sea of Galilee. It was more likely to be the ghostly apparition approaching them. Not for a moment did they think it was Jesus. That is why He had to say “Do not be afraid. It is I.”

Once again Jesus was trying to teach them the lesson that they could trust Him in whatever circumstances they found themselves. They should have learned this lesson already, especially when He had fed the large crowd from a few loaves and fish, but somehow they still lacked confidence in His power over material things. If only they could have loved Him as a little child loves and trust its parents. A child is not afraid as long as Mum and Dad are close. This is the perfect love that John speaks of which calms our fear.

There are days when we wake up with a feeling of foreboding. We may have to face something unpleasant that day, perhaps a difficult meeting, a job interview, a visit to the solicitor or the dentist, and we are full of fear. Like the apostles, we need to learn to deepen our love for Jesus and trust Him completely. Once they recognized Him and allowed Him to get into their boat He calmed their fears and calmed the heavy winds which were hindering their progress.

Here’s something I find very helpful. When I awake in the morning the first two best words I like to say are the words Jesus taught us, “Our Father”. With these words I place my whole day in the hands of our loving Father. If He cannot look after me, no one can. That day I may have problems to face or some worry, but by saying the words “Our Father” and believing that He is in control of my life, it gives me perfect peace and calm. I know this is what Jesus would want me to do, because He was constantly trying to lead us to the Father.

Lord Jesus, teach us each day to have perfect love and trust in our heavenly Father and in You, then we would never be afraid to face whatever difficulties each day may bring.

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