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Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Col. 2:6-15 & Lk. 6:12-19

We have to be completely steeped in Christ, as Saint Paul told the Colossians in so many different ways. He reminds us in today's reading that we would be spiritually dead if Christ had not brought us to life when our sins were forgiven.

In the Gospel Jesus knew that time on Earth was running out for Him. He saw the desperate need that people had for Him, for huge crowds came from all over the country to seek Him out and be healed by Him. When He left this world, who was going to continue His work? He prayed to His Father for guidance. Whom was He going to choose from among his disciples to be His Apostles?

The men He chose included fishermen, a tax collector and a Zealot, most of them just ordinary men who were uneducated and unsophisticated. But what they had in common was that they were completely steeped in Christ. He had captivated their hearts so that they had left their livelihood, their family, their old way of life, to follow Him. They had lived so closely with Him that they were beginning to think and act as He did.

Where do we fit into all this? Jesus does not make the same demands on us: we have our jobs and our families but, like the Apostles, we need to draw close to Jesus and allow Him to captivate our hearts and minds, and be steeped in His love. We want to think and act like He did. And to realise that there is nothing more precious in life than that! How privileged the Apostles must have felt when they were chosen to work for Christ. That same joy can be ours if we share their enthusiasm and try to be one with Him.

Heavenly Father, thank You for sending us Your Son. May the Holy Spirit inspire us to want to follow Jesus Who will lead us You.

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