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Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Tim. 1:1-2, 12-14 & Lk. 6:39-42

It is obvious that if I were blind I would want a guide who could see and lead me to safety. As sinners we are spiritually blind but our Heavenly Father has provided us with Jesus, His Son, the best possible guide. We can put our hand in His and He will lead us to Heaven.

Although our Heavenly Father would like us to offer ourselves as guides for others, there should be a certain hesitancy when we consider the task. But this is possible if we are humble and remain very close to the Church that Christ founded to continue His mission on Earth.

Christ’s next statement emphasizes that while the disciple is not above his teacher, he can learn as much as the teacher. The disciple of Jesus can learn from Him the steps which lead to salvation and eternal life. Christ not only founded the Church to continue His teaching, but He also endowed her with the gift of his Spirit to preserve her from error. Our confidence in teaching others should derive from the knowledge that we are in union with the Church and seek to follow her teachings. Learning is a lifelong process, but religious instruction often ceases with First Communion or Confirmation, and many adults have only the religious formation of a child. What are we doing to become fully qualified in our knowledge of the faith?

It seems that we are much quicker to detect faults in others than to notice them in ourselves. We can even be really irritated by another person’s faults, even though we ourselves possess them in greater measure than does the person about whom we are complaining! The proud person complains loudly of the conceit and arrogance he sees in his neighbour, but he is blind to his own vice. We need to consider our own condition first - humbly - and then we need to work on truly becoming more Christ-like. The more we allow God’s grace to transform our lives, the more we can help others.

We can see in today's reading that Saint Paul never forgot that through ignorance he had been once a blasphemer doing all he could to injure and discredit the faith, but by the grace of God he was called into His service. For this he could not thank Jesus enough. He tells us this so that we can be aware that the same grace is available to us.

Lord Jesus, give us the courage to address the faults in ourselves first, before we start working on the faults of others.

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