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Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Ez. 2:8-34 & Mt. 18:1-5, 12-14

Ezekiel, like many of the prophets, was sent by God to proclaim a message of warning to the people. The scroll represented this message of God and Ezekiel's eating of it was a sign that he had assimilated God's word. It became part of his being. He found the word of God as sweet as honey.

Experience will teach us that God's word is our peace. Ultimately, we will always find joy in accepting His word. And yet when Ezekiel proclaimed this word to the people they found it so bitter that they rejected it.

God through Ezekiel was inviting the people to renew their covenant of love with Him. That renewal called for a complete change of their lives. It was this change which they were unwilling to make.

The command of Jesus that we become like little children is, you might say, a message which can be sweet or bitter depending on how it is received. Becoming a little child in the sight of God is not as easy as it sounds. It means living a life of simplicity and trust, humility and meekness. This is a bitter message for those who are proud, believe in getting ahead, in being assertive, in allowing no one to take advantage of them, whose chief concern is to look after number one. But for the person who is spiritually mature it is a delight to live like a child under God as our Father.

Lord Jesus, we need to assimilate Your command, and make it part of our being. With the faith of a child we will find that this message adds both a sweetness and a serenity to our lives.

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