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Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Col. 3:12-17 & Lk. 6:27-38

When we find life hard we need to hear Saint Paul's inspiring and encouraging words from today's reading, “You are God’s chosen race. He loves you.”

He instructs us how we are to live: “Be clothed in sincere compassion, in kindness and humility, gentleness and patience.” We should surround ourselves with harmony and peace. “Bear with one another, forgive each other as soon as a quarrel begins.” How true are those words, “The Lord has forgiven you; now you must do the same.” If we don’t, there is no forgiveness for us.

When Paul tells us to clothe ourselves with love he is saying love is all that matters, and it puts us at rights with God and our neighbour.

He ends the reading by stressing the importance of saying and doing everything in the name of the Lord Jesus and giving thanks to God the Father through Him.

What sound advice Jesus gives us in the Gospel! We find it hard to love our enemies. To overcome this He has the best remedy: in praying for them all that anger that rises within us, when we think of all the hurt our enemies have inflicted upon us, will gradually melt away.

Today we could give a lot of thought to the saying, 'Treat others as you would like them to treat us.' This is because we tend to be self-centred but Jesus is saying, for a change treat your neighbour in that fashion.

Don’t we all want to be rewarded by the Lord in Heaven one day? This will only come about if we love our enemies and do good to them.

Jesus concludes the Gospel by asking us to be compassionate, non-judgemental and generous. Then we will never be able to comprehend God’s generosity: the reward from our heavenly Father will be “a full measure, pressed down and running over.”

Heavenly Father, help us to be like You in being compassionate, merciful and generous, not only to those we love but especially to those who hate us.

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