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Thirty-second Week in Ordinary Time

2 Jn. 4-9 & Lk.17:26-37

There are two key words in today's First Reading - love and truth. The word ‘love’ sums up the life of Saint John; he earned ‘the beloved disciple’ title. Once again he tells us, “Let us love one another,” and “to live a life of love” according to the commandments. His message is simple, yet so profound. Our source of love comes from God. No love is more desirable than His. If only we could appreciate fully how much He loves us, our whole outlook on life would be transformed. All we would want to do is to return that love and to love one another.

Jesus said, “I am the Truth” and John begins with the words, “It has given me great joy to find that your children have been living the life of truth as we were commanded by the Father.” God loves the truth. In Him there is no falsehood. It is the truth that keeps us close to the Father and the Son. If we accept the truth and live by the truth we will never separate ourselves from the Father. In the second half of his reading John warns us against deceivers who will do their utmost to lead us away from the truth, namely, that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh.

In the Gospel Jesus talks about His Second Coming. To some Jesus’ awful account of terrible days is depressing. Far from it! He did not want us to despair every time He talks about it. He speaks about it so that we can build up our strength and confidence and look forward to a bright future. Jesus assures us that there will be days of great distress and we will experience them. False prophets will entice us to follow them. We must not listen to them. Instead the words of Jesus must be heard above theirs, “Do not fear because I am with you always.”

Lord Jesus, You are the Truth. If we adhere to You and love You, at all times we need never be afraid.

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