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Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Ex. 3:1-6, 9-12 & Mt. 11:25-27

Throughout history God has always called people - both saints and sinners - to act on His behalf. They include the youthful Samuel to do a great work in Israel; Isaiah to speak a word of truth to wayward people; Our Blessed Lady to bear the Saviour of the world; Peter to build His church; Francis of Assisi to rebuild that church and Mother Teresa to minister the love of God to the suffering. Each was called from among the people to serve them according to God's will Who was always with them.

So it was with Moses. The Hebrews living in slavery were God's beloved people. They had been led there by God's command. Moses was born there and called to gather God's people and lead them to the Promised Land. He resisted this call at first, insisting that he was unworthy and would be unable to do what God wanted.

The all-holy God, in His love for His people, called this weak instrument, told Moses what he was to do, and assured him that He would be with him. Despite human frailties and shortcomings, He is willing to use imperfect humanity to do His perfect work.

While some, like Moses, are called to serve in extraordinary ways, all of us are called by virtue of our baptism to share in His work. Sometimes the call comes when we least expect it. Whatever the circumstance, we need to be alert and open to His voice. We need not fear for we can be sure He will be with us. May we never ignore His call, but always desire to do His holy will.

St. John Mary Vianney just scraped through his seminary training to become a priest - and yet he is the patron saint of parish priests! His bishop sent him to a backwater never anticipating that Ars would become the magnet for men and women, seeking to grow in holiness and closer to God, because of the life, witness and preaching of the Cure of Ars.

Sad to say the young priest’s success evoked not encouragement and support from his fellow priests but envy and jealousy among the more educated and learned clergy. They decided to write to their bishop in protest that one so poorly educated should be preaching and teaching others. They decided to support their letter with a petition, “We the undersigned believe that Fr. Vianney of Ars is unfit to preach because of his lack of learning and absence of further academic formation and ask that the bishop remove his preaching licence immediately.”

In error it was sent to Fr. Vianney who signed the petition. He agreed wholeheartedly that he was unfit to preach and lacked learning and desired that, if it was God’s will, the bishop would remove him. Seeing Fr. Vianney’s name on the petition and witnessing the obvious fruit of this great and humble priest’s ministry, the bishop kept him preaching at Ars, much to the chagrin and annoyance of his fellow priests.

Jesus gave praise and glory to the Father because the Father gave revelation to the simple and humble whilst hiding it from the wise and learned. The truths of the Kingdom of God are such that they can be grasped both by a young child and a university professor but will always be revealed to those who are open to the Holy Spirit's teaching and instruction.

Holy Spirit, may we be numbered among the childlike, simple and humble. May we be humble and eager to be taught by You.

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