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Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Ex. 3:13-20 & Mt. 11:28-30

There is something special in a name. There is a certain intimacy in calling someone by their first name. It is virtually impossible to feel close to a person if you do not know their name.

God revealed His personal name to Moses: He wanted His people to know that He was a living and loving God, with Whom they could have a personal relationship. He was not like the pagan gods who can do nothing for the people who worship them.

God had already revealed Himself to Abraham as the all-powerful Creator worthy of respect and worship. But now for the first time God reveals His name to Moses. The God of the Hebrews has come to meet His people. Why? It was because He loves them and He wants them to know that.

Moses was privileged to have God's name revealed to him. But how much more privileged are we to have God with us in the person of His Son! Not only was the name of Jesus revealed to us, but He has warmly invited us to come to Him with all our burdens so that we could receive rest for our souls. God comes to meet us in our daily lives to help us carry those burdens. We do not have a God who is far removed from the sorrow and joy of our everyday existence. Rather we are blessed to have as our God One Who is close to us, Who guides and directs our lives with love and concern.

Jesus tells us that He will bear our burdens, making our yoke easy. It is a promise to His followers. But it happens only with your permission. To experience His help we must first give our burdens over to Him. We do that through prayer, confessing that we cannot carry the weight of life without Him.

There will be many people in our lives who will offer to help carry our burdens. And while they can share in our pain and suffering - and while God often uses others as a means of His grace - people really cannot carry our heaviest burdens for us. They can help but only Christ can lift the load.

Are you carrying a burden today that is best placed in God’s hands?

Lord Jesus, what a blessing it is to know that Your love for us is so great that You have promised not only to lighten our load, but to lift it, bearing it for us. Thank You for Your grace and compassion.

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