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Second Week of Ordinary Time

Heb. 5:1-10 & Mk. 2:18-22

A priest is called to be a mediator between God and humanity. He is a bridge which spans the gap between God and us. Jesus Christ is our priest, our bridge with God. The unknown writer of the first reading reminds us that the chief duty of a priest is to offer sacrifice to God for the sins of the people. Jesus offered the perfect sacrifice for the atonement of our sins on the Cross to God the Father. Every time we come to Mass Jesus renews this sacrifice on our behalf.

It was a fair question, as reported in today’s Gospel, to ask Jesus, “Why do John’s disciples and the disciples of the Pharisees fast and Your disciples do not fast?” In reply Jesus compared Himself to a bridegroom and His disciples as guests at His wedding. It is unheard of for guests to fast at a wedding! But the time will come when He, the bridegroom, will no longer be here with them, and then they will be expected to fast.

Jesus is certainly not decrying fasting. He Himself sanctified this form of penance by fasting for forty days in the desert. He knows better than anyone that fasting is good because it helps discipline our will. If we can say “No” to good things in life, it is going to make it easier for us to say “No” to sin. But once again Jesus was making the point that His radically new teaching cannot be squeezed into the mould of old legalism.

Lord Jesus, give us the wisdom to know what will be for the best, when it is right to ring out the changes and to recognise what we need to keep and cherish.

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