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Sixth Week of Ordinary Time

Gen. 9:1-13 & Mk. 8:27-83

A rainbow appears in the sky when the sun shines and the storm has passed. It was used by God as a symbol of his mercy and love, promising to Noah that never again would all living creatures be destroyed. Despite its awesome beauty and ethereal life, the rainbow will not let us forget the evil men did and the devastation of the flood.

This passage also reveals the dietary prescription of the Jews. Just as it was believed in the western world that the soul was considered the seat of life, so the Jews believed that blood was the seat of life - and so were not to eat meat which contained blood. The point is that life comes directly from God and is His greatest gift to the world.

No one but God has absolute dominion over human life. Anyone who commits murder or practises abortion should take to heart the words of this passage, “He who shed’s man’s blood shall have his blood shed by man, for in the image of God man was made.”

Poor Peter, with the best of intentions, said the wrong thing when Jesus predicted His own passion and death. Peter tried to tell Him that as long as he was around he was going to make sure that such a thing was never going to happen. Jesus’ reply was swift - "Get behind Me, Satan! Because the way you think is not God's way, but man's." Peter failed to understand that in God's plan the death of Jesus would lead to the glorious life of the resurrection.

It was imperative that Jesus should be forceful because He didn't want any of His followers to misunderstand Him. It was only through His death on the Cross and His resurrection which followed that He was to secure the salvation of the world.

Lord Jesus, thank You for saving us through Your death on that Cross. May we at all times adopt Your values and standards, loving everyone alike.

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