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Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Apoc. 5:1-10 & Lk. 19:41-44

Many of the Christians were being discouraged because of persecution when the Book of Revelation was written. During this time the victory of Jesus' resurrection had faded from their mind. Instead His death was uppermost in their thoughts and they wondered if they were to share His fate.

A vision which is symbolic of Christ's victory is presented in today's passage. What saved the Hebrew people from the tyranny of Pharaoh who eventually allowed them to escape from Egypt into the Promised Land? It was the blood of the lamb that was smeared on the doorposts on their homes. Jesus is the Paschal Lamb. It was by Him shedding His blood that we have the chance to be saved from sin and death, and to be led to the promised land of Heaven. The scroll, which only the Lamb could open and read, possibly represents The Old Testament. Jesus, the Lamb of God, alone gives us a full understanding of the events described in this holy book, especially the central event of the Exodus - the full meaning of this is realised only in Jesus Christ.

In this vision the Lamb that was slain is standing. The posture of standing is a sign of His resurrection. His death was not a defeat but a victory over sin and death which led to His resurrection. What does that say to us and the early Christians? Take courage! If you believe and follow Me you too will share in the resurrection and come to the Promised Land.

In the Gospel we witness Jesus weeping over Jerusalem, the city chosen by God to be the principal centre of Christianity, from which the Christian message would go out to the world. But its leaders rejected Him. Eventually in AD 70 it would be utterly destroyed by the Roman army, all because they would not listen to Him. Jesus foresaw all this and wept over the city and its inhabitants whom He loved.

What about us? Jesus loves us and has died for us. He wants us to accept Him and He does not want to weep over us. But if we ever reject Him a worse fate than the destruction of Jerusalem awaits us.

Lord Jesus, may we never lose faith in Your death and resurrection, and may we burn with zeal and love for You and never give You cause to weep over us.

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