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Second Week of Ordinary Time

Heb. 7:1-3, 15-17 & Mk. 3:1-6

Among the Israelites the priesthood was hereditary. A man became a priest by being a descendent of Levi, and when he died the priesthood was passed on to his sons. Melchizedek was an exception.
That is why Jesus is compared with Melchizedek because His priesthood is also quite different - given to Him directly by His heavenly Father and it does not end with His death but continues, because He is a priest forever.

When we worship at Mass we are not alone. Jesus the priest is with us. He is present in the word of Scripture and, of course, in a very special way in the Eucharist. Jesus as priest is our mediator, bringing the Father’s truth and love to us, and offering our prayers and sacrifice to the Father. Through our Baptism and Confirmation we all share in the same priesthood. What we do at Mass has great meaning because Jesus our priest is with us and He makes our sacrifice perfect.

The Gospel gives another example of how the Pharisees find fault with Jesus’ concern for the afflicted on the Sabbath. When He cured a man with a withered hand they condemned Him. In their eyes He had no respect for the Sabbath rules. Jesus simply told them that peoples’ needs are more important than laws. The Sabbath was made for people and not people for the Sabbath.

Lord Jesus, may Your law of love always be the rule of our life.

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