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Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time

A man’s car broke down on a busy street. He raised the bonnet and began a fruitless search for the problem. Motorists swerved around him, some hurling verbal abuse at him. More than 100 must have passed before one stopped and asked if he needed help. Obviously many of the drivers of those cars which passed by felt they had good reason for not stopping.

But it is worth recalling to mind the words from the book of Proverbs in the First Reading today. “Do not refuse a kindness to anyone who begs it, if it is in your power to perform it. Do not say to your neighbour, ‘Go away! Come another time! I will give it to you tomorrow’ if you can do it now.” Those words are a gentle reminder to us to be aware to offer help to someone in need when we can give it to them. Is this not how we would like to be treated if we were in an unfortunate situation?

Jesus believed in the power of truth. He was fully aware that lies obscure the truth for a time and that error can have a long shelf-life but, sooner or later, the truth will out. That is precisely the point of His comment in today's Gospel reading, "There is nothing hidden that will not be exposed, nothing concealed that will not be brought to light.” For all of the power of evil, good finally belongs to the very fabric of the Universe. The light of truth will finally overcome the darkness of error.

People ought to take that principle to heart: politicians who cut corners, husbands who cheat on their wives, children who lie to their parents … something always happens to reveal their secret. There is something about human nature that does not sit easily with lying. Either we give ourselves away by our own tangle of deception, or someone else does. The very foundation of a family, a friendship, a society and a nation depends upon the telling of truth.

Lord Jesus, may we realise that you are always in charge of the Universe and of our individual lives if we allow You to be, and that we should be committed always to the truth in our working and personal lives.

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