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Second Week of Ordinary Time

Heb.7:25-8:6 & Mk. 3:7-12

On two occasions God entered into a covenant with His people in a binding agreement based not solely on law but on love.

Through Moses as mediator God made a covenant with His chosen people. He agreed to love and care for them, and they promised to be faithful to Him. Sadly, they broke the terms of the agreement and were unfaithful.

So God decided to make a new and better covenant, with His Son Jesus as mediator. This covenant was to be everlasting, and it was signed and sealed in the blood of God’s only Son. We have proof of this in Jesus’ words, “This is the cup of My blood, the blood of the new and everlasting covenant”. Through our baptism God has called each one of us by name to become a part of this covenant.

Whenever we receive the precious Body and Blood of Jesus at Mass we have an opportunity to renew our baptismal covenant with God, pledging that we will strive to honour our commitment by being more loving and faithful people.

In the Gospel passage Mark tells us that Jesus went up into the hills to pray about the men He would choose to be His close companions. He called twelve by name. They responded without hesitation, without asking the cost or what was in it for them. They were to preach and cast out devils. From now they would spend time with Jesus and learn what it meant to be an ‘apostle’ – one sent by the Lord to teach His good news.

Through our baptism we all have a mission because we became disciples of Jesus then. We should be His companions, spending time with Him, willing and ready to spread the good news about Jesus to all, particularly by the lives we lead.

Lord Jesus, we thank you for calling us to be Your disciples, for the covenant You made with us at our baptism, and for renewing it with us every time we come to Mass. Help us to be faithful to You in our everyday lives.

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