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Seventh Week of Ordinary Time

Ecclus. 1:1-10 & Mk. 8:11-13

The book of Ecclesiasticus was written approximately 200 years before the birth of Christ. Its author Ben Sirach is worried that his fellow Jews were adopting the customs and outlook of pagan Greeks. Through his writing he wanted to bring them back to their religious traditions.

He was like many of our Catholic parents today who have tried to bring their children up to love the Catholic faith only to find them abandoning it and following the example of their faithless peers, not attending Church and co-habiting with partners outside marriage. Parents wonder where they went wrong and feel powerless to bring about a change for good in their lives.

Perhaps they could learn from the father in the Gospel who brought his possessed son to Jesus when all else failed. Parents must bring their wayward children and leave them in the capable hands of Jesus. When they have found that reasoning with them and giving them a good example have failed they still can have recourse to prayer as Jesus suggests. Constant and persevering prayer is not the least they can do - it is the best.

Holy Spirit, give us always the gift of wisdom and make us realise that prayer is the most effective means of staying close to God.

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