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Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time

Eph. 6:10-20 & Lk. 13:31-35

To live the life of a Christian is to be in daily warfare with Satan. This is the message from Saint Paul in the First Reading today. And he should know! He fought many battles. So Paul advises us if you want to beat Satan wear God’s armour.

Gird yourself with truth. Telling lies does not pay. You need to have an exceptionally good memory or there will be inconsistencies in your lies that people eventually are bound to notice. Then, not only do you lose face but, much worse, you will never be trusted by them again. Just tell the truth and shame the Devil!

Next, embrace integrity for a breastplate. In other words be honest, good, graceful, just, fair and virtuous.

Our footwear should be a zeal for spreading the Gospel of peace. We will have no fear to go anywhere to advance the cause of Jesus.

Our shield will be faith. We believe that God is on our side, so we are fearless knowing Satan is not going to beat us. The victory is ours for the taking.

Wearing God’s helmet of salvation we know we are safe.

And finally, our sword will be the word of God, which is something we can surely trust. His word will be our guide. He will never lead us astray.

We must not forget to pray at all times. That will definitely keep us on our toes; being close to the Lord will not let Evil triumph over us. And Paul asks his readers to remember him in their prayers.

Jesus never missed an opportunity to challenge people so that He could make them better. He challenged the Pharisees and had success with Nicodemus who was one of them. But there is one person He seems to have given up on and that was Herod. Even at His trial Jesus never had one word to say to Him. He was not going to throw His precious pearls before a swine! It must have been that Herod was so very stubborn in his evil ways.

In today's Gospel we see the Pharisees warning Jesus that He ought to leave the area because Herod intended to kill Him. Jesus was afraid of no one. He told the Pharisees to go and tell that fox He would not stop Him doing good work and that He realised that Jerusalem is the place where prophets are martyred.

Jesus then reveals His sadness with all the feeling in His heart. How He longed to save the people of Jerusalem, to take each one of them to His bosom and love them so that not one would be lost. Instead He would be martyred in this city He loved.

As we recall the sadness of Jesus let us tell Him that we want Him to take us all, our loved ones and our neighbours, to His bosom just like a hen gathers her brood under her wings, so that not one of us would be lost.

Heavenly Father, forgive us our sins, and lead us all to Heaven there to be happy with You forever.

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