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Third Week of Ordinary Time

Heb. 9:15, 24-28 & Mk. 3: 22-30

God is not limited by time. He has no past and no future. All is present for God. We cannot travel back in time, but God can make past events present to us today.

In the Mass God uses His almighty power to transcend time. He makes the sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary present before us so that we may share in it. Jesus died only once and the Mass in no sense makes Jesus die again; rather this once-and-for-all sacrifice which He offered on the Cross is made present for us on the altar.

Mary, our mother, had the privilege of standing at the foot of the Cross and joining her Son in the offering of Himself. Through the power of the Mass we have that same privilege today.

The Mass does not transport us back in time. It makes Christ’s sacrificial death really present for us on the altar.

Are not all sins forgiven by God? That is what we have been taught to believe. Yet in today’s Gospel Jesus tells us that there is one sin for which there is no forgiveness and that is the sin against the Holy Spirit. It is the sin of an obtuse person who knows the truth but will not accept it.

Deep in their hearts the Pharisees knew Jesus was a man of God, but they would not accept Him because it would mean accepting all He taught. They had to find an excuse for denying the truth and they came up with the suggestion that He was possessed by the Devil. Yet if this were so, how could He cast out devils? That would mean that Satan was working against himself and how absurd would that be? It would bring about his own destruction. This false accusation was what Jesus called the sin against the Holy Spirit because the Pharisees were refusing to acknowledge the work of the Holy Spirit.

This unforgiveable sin applies to those who have lived a life of repeated and deliberate mortal sins - and have ceased to admit they are doing evil. It is not a question of God refusing to forgive them, but it is they who are refusing to allow Him to forgive them.

Lord Jesus we pray both for people who refuse to acknowledge God and His commandments, and that we may never be guilty of this unpardonable sin.

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