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Third Week of Ordinary Time

Heb. 10:1-10 & Mk. 3:31-35

We are called in every Mass to express our love for God through gift giving. We do not offer God flowers, however beautiful, nor gold however precious. We do not offer God merely bread and wine, but bread and wine which is transformed into the Body and Blood of Jesus, the most beautiful and precious gift possible.

Jesus came as man because He wanted to offer the perfect sacrifice of Himself to take away our sins. His gift of Himself to His Father was so precious because it conveyed all the love He had.

We know that for any gift to be meaningful it must be given with love. A costly gift will mean little or nothing if there is no love behind it. At Mass, our gift of Christ to the Father has real meaning, when it is offered with love. We show our love for God by making time to think about Him during the day, praying to Him and trying to do His will in the way we live our lives. We have to become like the gift we give, Jesus Himself, and united with Him, we are to go in peace to love and serve the Lord. Only then does our gift become pleasing to our Father in Heaven.

On the basis of today’s Gospel there are some who claim that Jesus had brothers and sisters. We believe He did not. To believe it we would deny that Mary was always a virgin. Those who claim she had more children fail to understand that the Greek words for brothers and sisters are used just as well for cousins.

Again there are some who claim in this passage that Jesus has little respect for His mother. How wrong they are! In fact Jesus enhances the greatness of His mother Mary for, by her doing the will of God, she perfectly fulfils her potential. Jesus is here stressing that ties of blood are less important than doing the will of God because there is nothing more important than this. So whenever we are doing God’s will we are truly kin to Jesus.

Lord Jesus, may we always do the will of Your Father today and every day, and so be Your kin.

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