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Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

Jer. 13:1-11 & Mt. 13:31-35

Jeremiah was commanded to use a visual aid as a means to illustrate the decay in the people's relationship with God. The rotted loin cloth, no longer fit for use, was a symbol of Israel's corruption.

But God's plan is not thwarted by human betrayal. All along His plan is at work. With the coming of Jesus He made all things new. The kingdom of God broke upon the world with His coming. The renewed presence of God's love, and life in and among us, started with one person, Jesus, and His band of followers. It was a small beginning, as tiny as the mustard seed, but it has spread through the centuries across the whole world. A new people, the Church, now worships God in spirit and in truth. We are aware that we ourselves are not immune from corruption. All around us are forces which would lead us to betrayal. Our life in God is a constant challenge to be a yeast in society, to be a means not of corruption, but for growth.

Jeremiah was sent by God to admonish the people, to call them to repentance. We have that same message before us constantly in the sacred scriptures. We have even more. We have the Body of the Lord to strengthen us, to overcome evil and to preserve the good within us. The Holy Eucharist is more than the presence of Jesus among us. It is a spiritual food which nourishes our soul to keep alive God's life and love within us.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for calling us to be Your children. May we live lives worthy of our high calling.

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