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Third Week of Ordinary Time

Heb. 10:19-25 & Mk. 4:21-25

We have our own soul to save, but in getting to Heaven we have others who help us and we too, please God, will help others to get there. In this way the Church is essentially a community and we have obligations to each other as the first reading explains.

Jesus speaks in the Gospel of faith as a lamp which must be placed where its light can be seen. Professing and living our faith helps to strengthen others in their faith. It can be very hard in our everyday life when we are on our own with no-one else to support us because we may become disheartened; with something as important as our faith we need the support of one another.

We can give and receive encouragement by attending Mass together especially when we participate with enthusiasm and devotion. Joining in the hymns and prayers, rather than being quiet or merely mumbling the responses, brightens the lamp of our faith for others to see.

We should never feel alone in our faith. God has called us to be members of a community with mutual bonds and obligations. I need others just as much as they need me.

In today’s Gospel Jesus also lays down three great principles of the spiritual life. Firstly, the more we give to God the more He will give us. Control an addiction and we receive freedom. Give up promiscuity and we find the practice of chastity easier. Stop lying and we live a life of truth. Secondly, to those who use what they have more will be given them. The spiritual life is dynamic, not static. The more you pray, the more you want to pray and so come closer to God. And thirdly, those who have little, and give little to God, will lose the little they have. Assiduously practice your faith and the stronger it will be. Your faith is like a glass of wine that is left standing. If it is not replenished, soon it will evaporate and the glass will be empty.

Heavenly Father may the light of our faith shine so brightly that it will attract others to You.

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