19th March
Saint Joseph
The husband of Mary must have been kind, loving, gentle and compassionate, yet a strong and decisive man. But the Gospels – he is mentioned in only...
A Real Man
25th March
Feast of the Annunciation
The young couple were in love with each other and looking forward to being married. They also had a great love for God and, as the story unfolds, we...
The Most Beautiful Love Story
21st April
Saint Anselm
“Faith seeking understanding” was the great saying of Saint Anselm who helped to develop one of the two fundamental approaches to western...
The Father Of Scholasticism
21st April
Saint Conrad
John Birndorfer, born in 1818 to a farming family in Bavaria, had great devotion to Our Blessed Lady, saying the Rosary every day and often walking...
We Are Called To Be Saints!
23rd April
Saint George
Once upon a time there was a brave knight who rode out in search of adventure. He came to a village where all the inhabitants were in great distress...
A Man Of Principle To Inspire Us
24th April
Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen
A talented boy, quick to learn and strong in faith, was born in 1577 in Germany and, after studying philosophy and law at Freiburg University, he...
Steadfast Preacher Of The Faith
29th April
Saint Catherine of Siena
Catherine Benincasa was a young woman who knew her own mind and was not afraid to speak it - even to popes and princes! Born in Siena in 1347, the...
A Brave Peacemaker
1st May
Saint Joseph the Worker
Why was Saint Joseph chosen as the patron saint of workers? There have been many saints who were noted for their work and tireless efforts in God's...
A Saint Who Blesses All Our Work
2nd May
Saint Athanasius
In the early fourth century the Church was emerging from a long period of persecution. When the Emperor Constantine became a Christian and proclaimed...
Defender Of The Faith Who Understands Our Position
3rd May
Saints Philip and James
Two of the great missionaries of the early Church were apostles. Philip came from the town of Bethsaida in Galilee. We know very little about his...
Saints Philip And James
4th May
Blessed Martyrs of England and Wales
Forty of our English and Welsh martyrs who have been canonized as saints are remembered on October 25. Another 160 who are beatified are commemorated...
Our Brave Ancestors
5th May
Saint Asaph
St. Asaph is the first Bishop of the Welsh See of that name which originated in the second half of the sixth century. No Welsh life of him is extant,...
The First Bishop of the Welsh
11th May
Saint Ignatius of Laconi
Ignatius became a Capuchin Friar in order to keep a long-standing promise. Born in Laconi in Sicily in 1701, the son of pious parents, he was a young...
The Beggar Who Gave Back More Than He Was Given
12th May
Saint Leopold of Mandic
Leopold Mandic had poor health, was small in stature, clumsy in his movements and had a speech defect. When he became a Capuchin priest his superiors...
A Little Friar With A Generous Heart
13th May
Our Lady of Fatima
Saint Pope John Paul II had great devotion to Our Lady of Fatima for it was on 13 May 1981 that he survived an attempt on his life. He attributed...
Our Lady Of Fatima
14th May
Saint Matthias
"Let someone else take his office." Peter, speaking to the disciples and the Christian congregation of Jerusalem, was calling for an election. The...
Twelfth Man
17th May
Saint Paschal Baylon
Paschal Baylon was a man who felt close to God when contemplating the beauty of the world He created. It was a love of nature that drew him to devote...
Lover Of The Blessed Sacrament
18th May
Saint Felix of Cantalice
Few friars can have earned a nickname more appropriate than Saint Felix did. He never failed to show his appreciation for whatever he was given and...
What A Thankful Friar Can Teach Us
19th May
Saint Crispin of Viterbo
What a difference a cheerful, good-humoured person can make in our lives! He or she is easy to live with, pleasant to work with, and a welcome...
The Cheerful Capuchin
20th May
Saint Bernardine of Siena
If preachers were to choose a patron saint for themselves they could do no better than St. Bernardine of Siena who spent his life preaching the word...
Lover Of The Holy Name Of Jesus
22nd May
Blessed John Forest
Living during the turbulent times of the English Reformation his fidelity to the Catholic faith cost John Forest his life. At the age of 17 he...
Courageous Friar Who Died For His Faith
24th May
Our Lady Help Of Christians
We honour Our Lady Help of Christians today, one of the many beautiful titles she has, which was formally given to her by Pope Pius V following the...
Our Lady Help Of Christians
25th May
Saint Bede
Even before he died Bede was venerated as a saint. It was said that he spent so much time in prayer that people wondered how he found the time for...
A Scholarly Monk To Inspire Us
26th May
Saint Philip Neri
The long road to ordination had many unexpected twists and turns for Philip Neri but he relied on prayer and trusted God to lead and guide him. Born...
A Life Of Prayer And Achievement
27th May
Saint Augustine of Canterbury
The English nation owes a debt of gratitude to Saint Augustine, the first Archbishop of Canterbury, who can truly be called the Apostle of the...
Apostle Of The English
28th May
Saint Mary Anne de Paredes
Mary Anne de Paredes led a life of such beauty and purity that she came to be known as 'The Lily of Quito'. She bloomed unseen and largely unknown...
Hidden Flower
29th May
Saint Felix of Nicosia
Patience and perseverance were the special qualities of a humble shoemaker who had to knock no fewer than five times at their door before the...
The Friar With A Lesson For Us
1st June
Saint Justin
Some people receive the faith in a sudden and dramatic way like Saint Paul on the Damascus road. Others like Blessed John Henry Newman, arrive at the...
A Thirst For The Truth That Led To Christ
3rd June
Saint Charles Lwanga and Companions
Charles Lwanga lived in central Africa in the late nineteenth century when Christianity had scarcely gained a foothold in that little known pagan...
"A Fine Thing But Not Always An Easy One"
5th June
Saint Boniface
An Englishman, who became loved and honoured as the apostle of Germany, was born in 672 in Devon and given the name Winfrid. Having decided as a...
An English Missionary In Germany