A Happy Ending!

Thursday of Week 18 in Ordinary Time - Cycle II

Jer. 31:31-34 & Mt. 16:13-23

In recent times, when America was going through a great depression in the 1930s, Hollywood came to the rescue. Many films were based on the rags to riches theme and there was always a happy ending.

In his day Jeremiah was very much a prophet of doom. This was necessary because the religious condition of the people had seriously deteriorated. And even though he was no Hollywood film-maker he could still give his story a happy ending. This was because of the great faith he had in God - with God on their side he painted a beautiful picture of a new age to come. It was to be the age of a new covenant with God.

That covenant came through the person of Jesus. Peter acknowledged that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of the living God. He was correct although he failed to understand the plot! When Jesus said He was to be put to death, Peter felt like those audiences at one of the old films who would not let it end in tragedy. There had to be a happy ending. Peter wanted this for Jesus but could not see how death could achieve that. He did not understand the grand plan that God had for Jesus Himself - that in fact He would go from ‘rags to riches’, from death to life. Jesus passed through the poverty of death to the riches of Heaven. In dying He was not leaving us forsaken, but making it possible for Him to share the riches of Heaven with us through an eternal union of love, the new covenant.

Heavenly Father, everybody loves a happy ending, even You. We must believe and pray that You will lead us through all the difficulties and disappointments of this life to an eternal embrace of Your Son when He comes again in glory to claim us as His own.