Are We Fair-Weather Friends?

Saturday of Week 3 in Eastertide

Acts. 9:31-42 & Jn. 6:60-69

We could substitute the name of Jesus for Peter in today's first reading and it would sound like a Gospel narrative – except for one important element. Jesus performed miracles in His own name and by His own power while acted only in the name of Jesus and by His power. Notice how clearly Peter made this point when he said to the paralytic, “Aeneas, Jesus Christ cures you!”

The day Jesus promised the Holy Eucharist was the day of decision for His followers. What He asked them to believe was unique and extraordinary, but He was not being unreasonable. They had witnessed His numerous miracles. Now when He said “My flesh is real food and My blood is real drink” they should have said, 'At this moment we don't understand but we are prepared to go along with You and see where You will lead us, because You are an extraordinary person. In fact we are beginning to think You are God.' But many of His disciples who listened to these words left the synagogue and walked no more with Him.

This hard saying was the last straw for them but it was not only for this reason that they left. Some of them saw quite clearly where Jesus was heading. It was not possible to challenge the authorities as He was doing and get away with it. He was heading for disaster and they wanted to get out before it was too late. They were fair weather followers. As long as Jesus was popular they would follow Him but when they saw the first shadow of the Cross they left Him.

No one can give as Jesus does but if we come to Him, solely to receive and never to give, we will certainly turn back. The person who would follow Jesus must remember that in doing this we can never dismiss the sight of the Cross. What type of followers are we? When the going proves tough are we His fair weather followers?

Lord Jesus, we always believe that You are our God and we want to follow You to the very end. May we never desert You, no matter how hard it might be to follow You in our life.