God Is Always In Charge Of His Creation

Wednesday of Week 2 in Advent

Is. 40:25-31 & Mt.11:28-30

There are some people who say that God created the world and went to sleep, leaving it to run all by itself. When they look around at what is happening today, at the people starving, people homeless, people at war with each other, people suffering from disease, they assume that God is still asleep and completely unconcerned. If only God would awaken and be aware of our plight!

Today’s readings give us a completely different picture of God. The Jewish exiles in Babylon, to whom the first reading was addressed, felt that they too had been abandoned by God. The prophet Isaiah assured them that God is powerfully active in the world, that He never grows faint or weary and is very much aware of everything that is happening. The truth is that God’s act of Creation is continuous and without His constant almighty power the entire Universe would lapse into nothingness. How can we ever say that He is unconcerned?

God is not asleep. He has always been in control of His CAP Creation, gently and wisely directing it until every created thing will be subject to His Son. When Christ comes again, it will be the fulfilment of God’s eternal plan. Then we shall understand many things which now seem disturbing and bewildering.

In the meantime humanity is required to use its God-given talents to work towards a more just world. The message from Jesus is, “Learn from Me for I am humble and gentle of heart and you will find rest for your souls”. Why does an earthquake cause total devastation in Haiti but minimal damage in the United States? Why was there no medical research to find a cure for ebola until the scale of the current epidemic became apparent? Why is obesity a problem in the First World when the Third World suffers from starvation? We must not become despondent at the shocking news headlines but each of us, at the very least, must pray more fervently that the Holy Spirit will give the world’s leaders the wisdom required to take the actions that God expects from them. It should be possible to share knowledge and expertise among nations if more of us in the West were gentler of heart.

Heavenly Father, we thank You for the world You created and conserve. Help us to pray to You that the wisdom of the Holy Spirit will be sought and valued by world leaders.