Jesus, I love you
Jesus I love you and thank you for all you have done for us.
(We don’t say these words often enough to Jesus especially after Holy Communion).

Heavenly Father
Prayer to say when the priest raises the Host and chalice at the consecration uniting yourself to what Jesus is doing at that moment, “Heavenly Father, I offer You Your Son as well as myself.”

Hail Mary
Hail Mary.
(Mary loves us to say just these two words. It brings a smile to her face because it reminds her of Gabriel’s greeting to her. Our redemption began with the word ‘hail’)

Prayer of St Gertrude
“Eternal Father, I offer you the most precious Blood of your divine Son Jesus, in union with all the Holy Masses being offered today throughout the world for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.”
(This prayer was given by Jesus to St. Gertrude for the release of many Holy Souls in Purgatory. Jesus said when this prayer is said He would release many souls from Purgatory).

Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Give me the strength, Holy Spirit, to do the work of this day, and grant that at its close I will be found worthy of your trust in me.
(At the end of the day begin your examination of conscience by saying) Holy Spirit, how did we get on today? (The ‘we’ is you and the Holy Spirit).

Eternal Father
Eternal Father, do not consider what we truly deserve, but forgive us our sins and lead us all to Heaven, there to be happy with you forever.
(Our Father never wants to lose any of His children and that is why we should say this prayer as often as we can during the day).

St Francis' Prayer to Our Lady
Holy Virgin Mary, among all the women in the world
There is none like you
You are the daughter and handmaid of the most high King and Father;
You are the Mother of our most holy Lord Jesus Christ;
You are the spouse of the Holy Spirit.
Pray for us, with St. Michael, the archangel
And all the powers of heaven and all the saints,
To your most holy and beloved Son, our Lord and Master.

The Prayer of St Thomas Aquinas
Bestow upon me O Lord God,
An understanding that knows Thee;
Wisdom in finding Thee;
A way of life that is pleasing to Thee;
Perseverance that faithfully waits for Thee
And confidence that I shall embrace Thee at last.