Finding True Freedom In Our Lives

Monday of Week 13 in Ordinary Time - Cycle II

Amos 2:6-10 & 13-16, & Mt. 8:18-22

In the time of Amos, Israel was a prosperous country but also a corrupt one. Many people had become wealthy through exploiting the poor and many had sunk into moral depravity. Amos was sent by God to remind them that they were His chosen people. He had rescued them from slavery in Egypt and in return it was expected of them that they would observe His law.

Amos lived about 670 years before the birth of Christ but as a prophet his words are relevant to our society. Many people today have grown rich through exploiting the third world, through dishonesty and greed. There is always the danger that when we lead comfortable lives and become self-sufficient we forget what we owe to God. We too have been rescued from the slavery of sin and we show our gratitude by living as God wants us to live.

Have we become so comfortable that there is no room for God in our lives? Are we satisfied with basic necessities or are we always looking for more? In the Gospel we have the example of Jesus. During His public ministry He never even had so much as a roof over His head. He relied entirely on the providence of His loving Father. I'm sure Jesus doesn't expect us to go to such lengths! But we must realise that there is more to life than money and its pursuit.

Anyone who wants to follow Him must be willing to make sacrifices in terms of physical comforts and material possessions. We all want to live decently, pay our bills and feed our families, but if earning money is our sole purpose in life, then we are enslaved just as the Israelites were in Egypt. It is in turning back to God that we will find true freedom.

Heavenly Father, like Your Son may we be content with what we have and not be covetous of wealth and possessions, the apparent lack of which can make us always unhappy.