Follow The Path Of The Lord

Tuesday of Week 12 in Ordinary Time - Cycle I

Gen. 13:2, 5-18 & Mt. 7:6,12-14

Some people make it their rule of life to look after number one because, as they will tell you, if they don't then nobody else will. Abraham was not of that mind. When his herdsmen and those of his nephew, Lot, quarrelled over grazing rights for their flocks, he allowed Lot to take his choice of the richer portion of the land.

Lot seemed to have got the better deal, but God had other, greater plans for Abraham and He showed Abraham that his descendants would possess something better, the entire land of Canaan. Abraham's actions were in accord with the teaching of Jesus in the Gospel. "Always treat others as you would like them to treat you." How many people are really willing to behave like this?

Practically everything in our society is based on the idea that you must look out for yourself. We are told it is weak and foolish not to be assertive and stick up for our rights, and not to let anyone take advantage over us. Sin makes us selfish, turning the focus of life upon ourselves.

Jesus also tells us in the Gospel to “enter by the narrow gate” but have you noticed the tremendous emphasis that there is today upon broadness? There are people who would like to make the way so broad that, ultimately, everybody is walking in that way and it includes all of mankind, as long as a person expresses some kind of religious fervour in life. But note that Jesus said this is not so. It is the narrow and hard way that leads to everlasting life; there are not many who walk it. The many are those who walk through the broad gate on the easy road that leads to destruction. If people are accusing you of being too narrow, praise the Lord; you are on the right path and you have Jesus walking with you.

Lord Jesus let us have the mind of Abraham. If we are generous God will always look after us. We will never be losers for we know that God is never outdone in generosity.