God Dwells In Us

Wednesday of Week 3 in Ordinary Time - Cycle II

2 Sam. 7:4-11 & Mk. 4:1-20

David was eager to build God a dwelling because he lived in a fine palace while the Ark of the Covenant, the symbol of God's presence among His people, was in a tent. But God spoke to David through the prophet Nathan telling him that it was his son, Solomon, who would build Him a temple. David's task was to unite his people.

It is a fact that God has no need of any dwelling on this Earth since He is everywhere. It is His people who need a place in which to worship Him together. A parish church is a very special place because we worship God through the sacrifice of the Mass. It is also the home of the Blessed Sacrament, the Real Presence of Jesus Christ Himself. It is the place where we receive the sacraments which are the outward signs of inward grace for our souls. And where we share fellowship and prayer with other Catholics from our local community and the wider world.

There are some people who say they don't need a Church because they can pray anywhere. That is true, but just think what they are missing. Being a Catholic means involving ourselves in parish life, working together as well as in our individual lives.

Of course God wants us to have our churches, but where He really wants to live is in the heart of each person. God comes to us in Baptism and we are now His hosts. We are the temples of the Holy Spirit as Saint Paul says. But what kind of hosts are we? Do we tell Him we love Him? Do we talk to Him, sharing our problems, our hopes and desires, our successes? Do we listen to Him, trying to hear His voice above the noise of the world? Do we obey Him, or live our lives without any consideration of what He wants from each of us? If we are trying to live as He would want us to live, then we are building a home as worthy as possible for God to dwell within.

In the parable of the sower, today's Gospel, we notice how generous the sower is with the seed he sows. It indicates that God is lavish with His gifts. But no matter how generous God is the seed will not bear fruit unless the soil is tilled to receive it. So it is important that the soil on which the seed falls is kept fertile. Not surprisingly, the better the soil, the more fruitful will be the harvest. Each of us belongs to one of the different types of soil which Jesus describes. But which?

Holy Spirit, help us prepare the ground of our hearts and souls so that we may always be ready to receive God’s seed, and so produce abundant fruit as He would wish.