God Is Always Eager To Forgive Us If We Ask

Saturday of Week 3 in Ordinary Time - Cycle II

2 Sam. 12:1-7, 10-17 & Mk. 4:35-41

The prophet Nathan was given a very difficult task from the Lord which demanded a great deal of courage. He was to confront King David with his sins of adultery and murder, and call him to repentance. Prudently, and with a great deal of ingenuity, he prepared David by telling him the parable of the selfish rich man. David fell into the trap.

By condemning the selfish rich man he condemned himself. Imagine his shock when he heard the word of the Lord through Nathan, "You are the man!" These words were more than a condemnation. They contained within them the grace needed for repentance, to which David quickly responded by admitting. "I have sinned against the Lord." That was all God wanted to hear. He immediately forgave David even though it was necessary that David be deprived of the fruit of his adultery.

David had no excuse for his sin. He was the favoured of the Lord. He had everything he should have ever desired. When his greed led to adultery and murder, it would have been understandable if God had washed His hands of him, but God is not like that.

What this episode tells us is that sin offends God, and how eager He is to offer forgiveness. He condemns the sin, loves the sinner, and wants him or her to repent, no matter how evil that sin may have been. The sinner is one who is about to drown in the dark waters of his or her own selfishness. Does it matter to God that a sinner is about to drown? It most certainly does! As surely as Jesus brought peace to the turbulent waters, so will the Father through Jesus bring peace to the troubled heart of the sinner who repents.

Lord Jesus, we thank you for offering us repentance, when we have sinned. May we like David be quick to express our sorrow, and determined to try not to commit the same sin again.