God Will Provide And What Type Of Hearer Are You?

Wednesday of Week 16 in Ordinary Time - Cycle I

Ex. 16:1-5, 9-15 & Mt. 13:1-9

Ex. 16:1-5, 9-15 & Mt. 13:1-9

God our loving Father continually cares for His people and He responds to human need. Even if a 'natural' explanation can be offered for the presence of the manna and quails in the Sinai Peninsula where the lsraelites were wandering, it is clear that the Bible wishes us to know that God Himself was the provider.

In one way it is not surprising that the lsraelites grumbled and complained. They were starving! Their mistake was that they complained to Moses and Aaron who were powerless to help them. They should have come to the conclusion by now that God was in charge. It was He who had brought them into this wilderness and they should have turned to Him in prayer. He would hardly lead them there and leave them to starve!

When we are in need, we should not hesitate to turn to God for help.

Our prayer of petition should not be a complaint but an expression of our faith that God is all powerful and can help us should He wish. God gives us sustenance for our daily lives as surely as He gives us spiritual nourishment through His inspired word and the Body and Blood of His Son. When we come to recognise that all good things come from God, then we will know to Whom we should look in time of any need.

Jesus' parable of the sower in today's Gospel is aimed at the hearers of His word. How we respond will determine what fruit is produced. The prejudiced hearer who has a shut mind is unteachable, blind to what he or she does not want to hear. Then there is the shallow hearer who lacks depth, failing to think things through: they may initially respond emotionally but when this wears off their mind wanders to something else. Another type of hearer is the person who has many interests or cares, but who lacks the ability to hear or comprehend what is truly important, forever too busy to pray or too preoccupied to study and meditate on God's word. He or she may work so hard that they are too tired even to think of anything else but their work. Then there is the one whose mind is open at all times to listen, never too proud or too busy to learn. They hunger for His Word and God gives grace that they may understand His will and have the strength to live according to it. In which of these different categories are we?

Lord Jesus, open my eyes to Your deeds and my ears to the sound of Your call, that I may understand Your will for my life and live according to it.