Jesus Is Concerned About Everyone Of Us

Monday of Week 14 in Ordinary Time - Cycle II

Hosea 2:16-18, 21-22 & Mt. 9:18-26

We can never fully appreciate the depth and intensity of God's love for us. The reason is that all we can do is to compare His love with what we already know about love from human experience, and that experience can never match the realm of God's love for us.

In today's First Reading the prophet Hosea implies that God's love is like that of a husband for his wife. He has God say to His people, “I will betroth you to myself for ever.” But we know that the most ideal human marriage is imperfect. In God's love there is simply no imperfection.

We get a better picture of God's love by observing the actions of Jesus, who is God in human flesh. We see His concern for the synagogue leader whose daughter had died. It was a sad, serious situation. In contrast, the woman with the haemorrhage was really a 'nobody' as compared with the important leader of the synagogue. Her illness was scarcely a critical one since she had lived with it for 12 years. And yet, Jesus showed just as much concern for her and was unwilling to ignore her. Jesus loves all His people, big and small, and He appreciates human problems, both critical such as the death of the little girl, and the less serious like the illness of the woman.

Very often the purpose of a scriptural passage is to help us appreciate God's love for us. We must never tire of that vital message because in this life we must constantly be striving to see a little more deeply into the infinite love of an infinite God.

Lord Jesus, it is only in the next life that we will fully appreciate the love that You and our heavenly Father have for us. In the meantime we thank You and Your Father for all the love given us now.