Never Say No To God

Friday of Week 2 in Advent

Is. 48:17-19. & Mt. 11:16-19

There is one word which every child seems to learn but which no one has to teach them. That word is "No." They say "No" to eating the right kind of food and going to bed at the proper time. It would be the easiest thing in the world for parents simply to allow their children to do whatever they want. There would be no tears, no sulks. Just think what peace! But complete permissiveness is not a sign of love. Parents who do not take the time and effort to guide their children are not caring for them properly and lovingly. Without guidance, very few children would know what is good for them. Parents have the right and the duty to discipline their children because they are wiser and more experienced.

God is infinitely wise and His experience is eternal. His love is without measure. That is why He can and does say, "I, the Lord, your God teach you what is good for you, I lead you in the way you must go." No matter how old we may be, in relation to God we are like children. Without His guidance we would be worse off than a little child trying to grow up without parents. Ignoring God's commandments can only make a shambles of our lives. This was the bitter lesson the Jews had to learn, for the period of exile was the result of their disobedience. Let us learn from their mistake.

Ever since Adam and Eve we have all had a built-in tendency to rebel against what God wants for us. The result of our rebellion can be disastrous. The people in the time of Our Lord were like children who did not know what they wanted. Neither John the Baptist nor Christ Himself could please them. We should be grateful to God that He loves us enough to take the time and effort to guide us through life by means of His commandments. The biggest mistake we can make is to say "No" to God.

Heavenly Father, help us to obey your commandments. By obeying You we will get the best out of life and obtain the rewards in heaven that you intend for us.