Radiating God In Our Lives

Wednesday of Week 17 in Ordinary Time - Cycle I

Ex. 34:29-35 & Mt. 13:44-46

Having spent 40 days in the presence of God Moses left Him to meet his people - his face so radiant that they could not bear to look at him. Sometimes when two people are deeply in love, their love is so apparent that there is a glow on their faces. Something like that happened to Moses.

It is impossible for us to imagine the awesome beauty of our God but the effect on Moses might give us some idea. No wonder theologians refer to Heaven as a beatific vision of unspeakable happiness.

The words of Jesus in the Gospel today, about the kingdom of heaven, can rightly be applied to God Himself - God is the treasure so precious that no sacrifice is too great to make in order to enter into His presence and enjoy such treasure. God is also the pearl so beautiful that we should gladly leave behind all other attractions so that we may be absorbed by His splendour.

Heaven is there waiting for us. While we live in this vale of tears, there should be in our hearts a deep longing to be with God forever, and a desire to take along to Heaven all we love and meet. We should go about our ordinary daily duties with a glow, if not on our faces, then in our hearts. Just as Moses met the Lord, we meet Him whenever we receive Him in Holy Communion. His Holy Spirit's glow of love, joy and peace is there waiting for us to let it burst out and set alight with happiness and brightness the world around us. This glow is the reflection of our faith that our God is a God of beauty and wonder, our treasure and our joy.

Heavenly Father, You are our treasure and You long for each one of us to be with You in Heaven, aglow with Your light and beauty. May our lives on this Earth, through our love and good works, radiate Your beauty and lead us to a life with You in Heaven for ever.