That Your Faith May Not Be Shaken

Monday of Week 6 in Eastertide

Acts. 16:11-15 & Jn. 15:26-16:4

Some you win, some you lose. As the apostles went out preaching the good news they must have had a mixed reception. Today's story from the Acts of the Apostles is a celebration of success. Paul was able to convert a Roman lady named Lydia, and all her household, and she welcomed him and his companions into her home.

Paul's mission would have been easy if all his preaching had been received so warmly and favourably. Jesus warns us in the Gospel, however, that the Christian life is not always going to be easy. Those who accept Him and choose to follow Him are likely to meet with hostility. We can see this happening in the world today. Christians in Africa and the Middle Far East are being persecuted for their faith. There are those of a different faith who really believe that they are "doing a holy duty" when they put a Christian to death. Closer to home, we can see how Catholic beliefs are ridiculed. It is hard to be a witness to Christ in a society which accepts euthanasia, divorce, practising homosexuality and abortion.

But the message Jesus leaves with us today is that we must not be despondent. He sends His Spirit to be with us always, strengthening us in our faith and giving us the courage to be witnesses to the truth. Surely we believe that He is stronger than any opposition.

Jesus in today’s Gospel You assure us when we witness to You we shall have the best Advocate in the Holy Spirit. May all your witnesses in the world today who are suffering for their faith experience His help.