Trust In God And You Will Fine Happiness

Monday of Week 10 in Ordinary Time - Cycle II

1 Kings 17:1-6 & Mt. 5:1-12

Anyone in the position of Elijah, the prophet, would have felt very insecure. He was called by God to warn Ahab to change his evil ways after marrying Jezebel, a very evil pagan with total influence over him. She made him abandon the God of Israel and worship the pagan Baal instead. He even went so far as to erect an altar to him in a temple he built. The Bible says of him that he did more to anger the Lord than any of the kings of Israel before him.

Elijah was sent by God to warn this incredibly evil man that as a punishment for his sins a terrible drought would come upon the land. Having done this his life was in jeopardy and God warned him that he must flee from the king's wrath and hide. It had taken great courage for Elijah to speak boldly against the king but God wanted Elijah to know that he would protect him and even fed by ravens.

Elijah, in fact, lived according to the Beatitudes even before they were proclaimed by Jesus. All of them add up to one truth - trust in God and He will support you and see to your happiness. Elijah must have been pure in heart for God was conversing with him. Is this not another way of saying that he was seeing God? He was most definitely abused and persecuted for speaking the truth and trying to do what was right, but even though he was on the run he was at peace within himself and knew that God would reward him.

No matter what we are called to in life, no matter how challenging or threatening our situation may be, we must put our trust in God. To be "poor in spirit" means to rely completely on God as did Elijah the prophet.

Heavenly Father, if we are doing what You ask of us, we can be sure that You will never desert us and we will have no reason to be afraid.